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Prior to founding Rock Steady Stone, I designed video game graphics and spent most of my working life in front of a computer screen. At one point I asked myself, "If the modern world ended tomorrow, what will I have contributed that is worthwhile and lasting?" It was then that I decided to give up office life for something more satisfying and real, and set aside my mouse and screen for a hammer and chisel.

In 2005, I began my stonemason’s apprenticeship and spent a fulfilling year and a half acquiring the skills that would change my life. I founded Rock Steady Stone in 2007 with the vision of blending time-tested stonemason techniques with technology. The realization of my vision was to be found in modern sandblasting, an inscription process using compressed air and silica sand to permanently engrave stone.

Modern stonemasonry allows for a uniqueness that my past work in pixels simply could not achieve. I feel that every stone is different, with its own history and personality.  From my outdoor water features and stone signs, to indoor fireplace veneers and custom kitchen and bath designs, the works I create with these stones possess a character that cannot be erased by hitting a delete key.

Further to my vision, I am proud to collaborate with local First Nation artists. I enjoy giving their traditional designs a permanent home, embedding them within the perfect stone for awe-inspiring results.

Rock Steady Stone encompasses both Old World techniques and cutting-edge technology to see the dreams of clients become reality in stone. Much as the Egyptians valued the permanence of hieroglyphics carved in stone, I believe that my work will stand rock-solid, and be enjoyed for many years to come.